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Tecno Electric is hiring:


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Main Tasks

Responsible for the maintenance and operation of Utilities systems such as steam generators, refrigeration plants, electrical cabinets, and osmosis plants.

Performs fault finding and proposes corrective actions. The sought-after figure will be placed within a Global Service.

A fundamental requirement is the possession of a second-grade steam generator operation license.


  • High school diploma and/or Technical School degree
  • Knowledge of electrotechnics
  • Operation of Utilities plants
  • Preventive maintenance according to established plans
  • Compilation of documentation related to critical operational parameters
  • Technical interventions and fault finding on various types of plants
  • Supervision of systems through SCADA

Offer Features


  • Possession of a second-grade steam generator operation license (minimum).
  • Diploma or technical certificate in electrical and/or mechanical field
  • Availability to work in continuous shifts
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office suite
  • Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills
  • Seriousness and reliability in the workplace
  • Good problem-solving skills

The search is open to candidates without any gender limitations.