Staying competitive in today’s global marketplace means that our company needs to be innovative, adaptive and ever-changing. Achieving this depends on the knowledge and skills of our workforce. This is the reason why we offer training and courses tailored to the specific needs of our employees.

Each course is born from the experience gained over decades of daily practice, refined by continuous updating and knowing what is needed on a daily basis by those who work for our company.


What we want to offer are tools suitable for facing and overcoming daily challenges, the most advanced technologies combined with the experiences of those who use them every day.
Our Academy is part of our vision of working together and doing business. We believe in continuous learning, training and innovation to achieve excellency and efficiency.

For several years we have been providing dedicated training sessions to our clients to enable them to manage the systems we supply in the best possible way.
The activities of the Academy are not limited to specialized courses for our workforce and training sessions for our clients but include also programs that are offered to the most deserving students of the high schools of our province we collaborate with. Those students have an opportunity to practice what they have learnt in school and to face new challenges that help them to become a future productive member of the workforce after graduation.