Tecno Electric can offer to its clients technical assistance in designing and building thermo-hydraulic systems that are customized to respond to their specific needs.

We collaborate with our clients from the beginning of the project to its completion. We define in detail the requirements of the thermo-hydraulic system to be installed in order to meet all their requests. We size the system and we identify all the structural and engineering interventions needed and we provide all the required documentation. Finally we install the customized thermo-hydraulic system in our clients’ facilities.



From our experience we understand that in order to design and build a customized thermo-hydraulic system that is efficient and effective these are the main operational phases that need to be carried out:
– Preparation of the required documentation to support our customer;
– Design, Construction and Installation of new Technological Systems;
– Revamping of existing systems;
– Design, Construction and Installation of new Metallic Structures,
– Integrated planning of all the activities.

Here you will find some Case Histories useful to illustrate the problems faced and the solutions implemented.



These are the activities that are usually perform and that can be re-arranged on a case-by-case basis:
– Inspections at the customer’s premises;
– Collection of data and documentation relating to the areas that are affected by the intervention and to the utilities present in the facility;
– Definition of “User Requirements” with the Customer;
– Meetings with the customer to analyse the proposed solutions;
– Definition and description of plans in regards of the required revamping interventions;
– Preparation of process documents such as the list of materials (BOM);
– Sizing of utilities plants;
– Preparation of diagrams (P&ID), designs and passage plans of the technological systems;
– Definition and description of floor plans of the following general utilities:
1. Piping for HVAC systems,
2. Piping for drinking water supply system, demi water, softened water,
3. Piping for fire sprinklers and hydrants,
4. Piping for refrigeration plants,
5. Piping for hot water supply system,
6. Piping for domestic hot water supply system,
7. Piping for superheated water supply system,
8. Piping for central heating system,
9. Piping for centralized vacuum system,
10. Piping for technical compressed air, clean air, nitrogen and inert gases,
11. Piping for chemical plant and water treatment.
12. Metal carpentry for mezzanines, galleries, stairs, bases, seismic anchors and metal carpentry of all types with certification as per EN 1090-1 EXC3 Standard
– UNI EN ISO 3834-2 welding certificate;
– Qualified personnel for UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 non-destructive testing;
– Definition of project costs and time schedule;
– Presentation of the developed project to the customer.