The industrial automation sector has become more and more important over the years in the management of a process and/or manufacturing plant, to control industrial processes and to operate machineries in a well-controlled manner. As technology develops so rapidly, competences, vision and foresight are key factors in designing and developing automated systems that can satisfy all customer’s requirements in the best possible way.

Find out how Tecno Electric develops automation solutions and systems.

BMS systems allow the integrated management of all the technological systems of a building and allow operators to modify settings or detect malfunctions.

Find out how Tecno Electric develops automation solutions and systems.

Here you will find some Case Histories useful to illustrate the problems faced and the solutions implemented.




These are the main systems we use:

• DCS Siemens – Simatic PCS7
• Piattaforma Siemens – TIA Portal
• SCADA Siemens – WinCC
• SCADA GE Digital – iFIX
• Historian GE Digital – Proficy Historian
• Historian Siemens – Process Historian

Obviously, it is an incomplete and constantly evolving list, just as technologies dedicated to automation are constantly evolving and customer needs are constantly changing.



The reliability and availability of the plant is guaranteed through the use of Fail Safe/Fault Tolerant systems, certified up to SIL3 according to the IEC 61508, IEC 61511 standards on functional safety. A dedicated team of certified Functional Safety Engineers takes care of designing and certifying the safety systems helping the customer in choosing the right components and instrumentation.
In this sector it is paramount to design automated systems that are compliant to GaMP guidelines and FDA (Food & Drug Administration) directives.
Pharma and Life Science: Digitization and automation are playing an increasingly important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Tecno Electric, through continuous training and a long experience in the sector, creates control systems in compliance with the most recent GaMP guidelines, FDA and EU-GMP directives and provides complete documentation required for validation in order to reduce time to market and increase product quality.

TECNO ELECTRIC è Siemens solution partner specialist

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Questo è il percorso di Certificazione Siemens con il programma Solution Partner Specialist for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Orientando il proprio sistema di qualità verso questo aspetto e applica nei propri progetti queste linee guida, offrendo al cliente supporto nelle fasi di convalida del sistema, riducendone così sensibilmente costi e tempi.


Building Management System

BMS systems allow the integrated management of all the technological systems of a building. Through these systems it is possible to monitor in real time and from a single management point, the subsystems that are part of them and allow operators to intervene promptly in changing the operating settings or detecting malfunctions.
BMS systems can be used in the most varied contexts, from large infrastructures to industrial plants, from civil buildings to hotels.
Specifically, these are the systems that can be managed:
• HVAC – They help to ensure environmental comfort for the people who work inside the rooms, from the hot/cold fluid production plants, to the terminal units, to the AHUs (Air Handling Units).
• KNX home automation – They help ensure environmental comfort in terms of lighting for the people who work inside the rooms, from the management of the lighting fixtures with automatic dimming given by the external light to the management of the blinds.
• Anti-intrusion
• Access control
• Smoke detection
• Electricity and Energy – Acquisition of all electrical panels and electrical measurements for monitoring the switch states and the plant’s electrical network in general. Thanks to the energy module, Dashboards and Energy Reports are created for the precise analysis of the electrical quantities.
• Integration of Third Party Systems – Acquisition through standard protocols of all systems that are able to communicate statuses, alarms and values to the BMS for their monitoring and management (e.g. generator sets, UPS, cogenerators, heat pumps, splits, etc. .)


Tecno Electric is Schneider Electric EcoXpert BMS certified partner. This is why we use Schneider Electric solutions for BMS systems and directly supports Schneider in the distribution and sale of products.
Tecno Electric also offers engineering and commissioning services at Schneider for its direct customers.
These are the main platforms used:
– EcoStruxure Building Operation by Schneider Electric – BMS General
– EcoStruxure Building Operation CFR21 by Schneider Electric – BMS General
– EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert by Schneider Electric – ISO50001 certified Energy Monitoring
– EcoStruxure Security Expert by Schneider Electric – Security system
– VideoXpert by Pelco – Video surveillance system

We can offer a wide range of services. Specifically:
Customer needs analysis. Analysis with the customer of the improvements needed for the correct management of the building based on comfort, functionality, safety and energy efficiency requirements.

• Development of the software and hardware structure of the BMS platform and of all the systems that are part of it, to satisfy customer’s needs
• Drafting of bills of quantities, point cards and I/O lists, bills of materials
• Drafting of the general architecture of the system and electrical regulation diagrams
• Drafting of project documentation such as: system design specifications, operating logics, user manuals and functional design specifications.

Software development
• Programming of the field regulators and of the platform on the basis of the operating logics
• Creation of a customizable graphic interface for using the supervision system
• Execution of checks to assure that all systems and components have been designed, installed and operate as per design.
• Performing checks on the required parameters in the presence of the customer and the testers

Technical support
• If required, a maintenance contract is stipulated for remote or on-site assistance to keep the system efficient according to current regulations.