Tecno Electric was born with the main goal of always offering a fully reliable and efficient service. A service that responds to the needs of our customers in different industrial sectors such as: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Energy and Science.
Every day our commitment is to offer the best solution, both in terms of quality and efficiency, to our clients and to satisfy their needs by offering a wide range of services from consultancy to planning, from design to construction, from installation to validation and maintenance.

Tecno Electric


A rigorous structured organization, that counts approximately 450 highly qualified employees including engineers, surveyors, electricians, certified welders, experienced instrumental technicians, specialized programmers and skilled validators, a strong quality control system, continuous training and the use of state of the art materials and equipment are of the utmost importance to guarantee processes effectiveness, to maximize customers satisfaction and to maintain high technology standards.
The attention to detail and to customer satisfaction has made Tecno Electric a leader in the industrial and technological sector at a national level.


We can operate in all the Technical-Scientific sectors of the National and International industry, according to the Standards and guidelines of National and International Organizations, offering professionalism and respecting the reference procedures and regulations which allow us to be a reliable professional partner with high standards.

Ours is a story made of passion, willpower and innovation.