Electrical systems design and installation have always been the driving force behind Tecno Electric’s business.
The electrical sector is the foundation on which the Company was built in 1987 and affects the entire supply chain, from design to construction, from installation to validation, from maintenance to regulatory adjustments.

A sector that evolves with technology, interfaces with automation and responds to the constant need of optimization of energy consumption and the request of new safety measures.



– Design and construction of MV/LV transformation substations;
– Design and construction of photovoltaic fields;
– Design and construction of low voltage switchboards;
– Design and construction of electrical automation panels;
– Design and construction of electrical, instrumental and process control systems in ordinary environments and in ATEX environments;
– Design and construction of LPS (Light Protection System) systems;
– Classification of areas with danger of explosion (ATEX);
– Design and implementation of home automation systems with KNX protocol;
– Design and modelling of indoor and outdoor lighting systems;
– Validation of existing plants.

The number and variety of our activities in this sector is very large and is constantly changing. These are the main activities we carry out.



Tecno Electric performs visual and instrumental checks and plans the adjustment interventions required for the issuance of the Declaration of Compliance, as specified by Ministerial Decree 37/08 for plants built before 2008.
We have at our disposal a state-of-the-art instruments and tools that allow us to perform checks on systems with SIT certified instrumentation, to measure voltages and impedances of the fault loop in TN systems, to test the release relays on medium voltage circuit breakers and to verify the quality of the electrical supply.


These special electrical systems are implemented to improve performances of existing and new production systems, to optimize their functionality and to ensure their compliance with current safety regulations.
Because of home automation, IOT and processes computerization the complexity of this type of electrical systems and the possibility of different solutions has increased over the years. From this complexity derives the need of highly skilled and experienced professionals to manage and coordinate in an optimal manner all the activities required for the installation of those systems.

Well aware of this, Tecno Electric can rely on engineers and specialized technicians who can offer a valid support in the design, construction and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of those special electrical systems.

In detail, Tecno Electric can provide support for the design and construction of the following types of electrical systems:

– Automatic smoke and fire detection systems;
– Automatic detection systems for gases and explosive atmospheres;
– CCTV systems;
– Sound diffusion systems and EVAC systems;
– Copper and Fiber Optic data transmission systems;
– Wi-Fi networks;
– Data transmission systems with Li-FI technology;
– Analogue, Digital and VoIP telephony systems;
– Anti-intrusion systems of all levels, also with connection to the surveillance centers;
– Alarm supervision and centralization systems;
– Access control systems.


In the field of fire prevention, particular attention is paid to the ordinary maintenance of the systems by managing the fire maintenance records for our customers and monitoring the functionality of their systems.
In the field of data networks, we can create any type of system including systems that use Li-FI (Light Fidelity) technology which allows high-speed communication.

Our technicians can troubleshoot optical fibers, perform weldings and provide certifications on both single-mode and multi-mode fibers.
We create integrated video surveillance, access control and anti-intrusion systems on a single platform.
Our partnership with Schneider allows us to design and install IOT integrated systems thanks to the EcoStruxure platform

Un importante settore produttivo è la progettazione e costruzione di quadri elettrici di diverse tipologie:

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Quadro di bassa tensione tipo Power Center a celle segregate con interruttori estraibili e fissi;

Quadro di distribuzione per impianti di F.M. e luce;

Quadri di automazione a logiche programmabili ed a microprocessore per controllo processo;

Quadri di strumentazione a controllo pneumatico ed a controllo elettronico.