The strength of Tecno Electric comes from the combination of qualified and motivated personnel, the availability of equipped facilities and the implementation of advanced technologies.

The growth of the company turnover and the increase of the number of completed projects and satisfied customers is the result of an ongoing recruitment campaign of qualified and skilled engineers and technicians.



The current workforce of Tecno Electric counts 432 employees including experienced engineers, certified welders, site assistants and supervisors, electricians, instrument technicians, highly specialized validators and programmers.
Training in occupational safety and risk prevention is periodically provided by the company to its employees that are always up to date on the latest regulations and technologies.
Thanks to all of that, Tecno Electric can offer a wide range of services from consultancy to planning, from design to construction and validation guaranteeing very high quality standards and always customer satisfaction.
In order to ensure flexibility and dynamism, our organization is based on a reticular structure.
Each project is assigned to and managed by a team that includes at least:
– A Sales Technician who deals with the financial aspects of the project and is responsible for the procurement of materials and resources;
– a Project Manager who organizes the work, collaborates directly with the client, ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget;
– a Design Technician who is responsible for creating designs of electrical and mechanical systems and structures;
– a Site Manager who manages all the activities on site and can offer technical assistance;
and various specialized operators.

The staff is trained and qualified:
– to work at heights;
– to work in confined spaces;
– to work near and on high voltage lines;
– in First Aid (BLS-D);
– in firefighting prevention;
– in maneuvering MEWP.



Tecno Electric can provide to its people everything needed to perform their work in the best possible way: vehicles, tools, welding machines, bending, cutters, instruments, software and hardware.

Equipment and installation tools are purchased, maintained and replaced in order to provide our workers with all the resources required to complete a project in a timely manner and to satisfy all our clients’ requirements.