Tecno Electric Course – IIS Galilei-Sani: today we are talking about Intrusion Prevention

This time we are talking about intrusion prevention systems, alongside true specialists in the field

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School and Business together, for the best education of our students

Main title of the news

The training and updating of both personnel and equipment are fundamental requirements for those aiming to offer customers services of excellence.

The opportunity provided by Legislative Decree n°81 of June 15, 2015, articles 41, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, and having signed a protocol with the IIS Galilei-Sani of Latina, has translated into individual training plans for 17 students of the V classes.

A project that brings together School and Business.

In this new stage of the specialized training path that Tecno Electric is pursuing, we discussed Intrusion Prevention. The course was conducted in collaboration with our partner BDF Sicurezza Latina by Tecnoalarm. Until next time!