Tecno Electric is hiring:

Open Position: BMS Programmer


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Main responsabilities

Drafting of electrical regulation diagrams

Software development and programming

Graphic interface development

System commissioning


  • Technical diploma (mechanical, electronic, electrotechnical, automation, robotics)
  • Willingness to travel weekly in Italy
  • Good predisposition to interpersonal relationships
  • Seriousness and reliability at work
  • Good predisposition to problem solving, ability to work alone, detail-oriented
  • Aptitude for team work
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of Office package computer systems
  • Knowledge of data networks
  • Knowledge of electrical diagrams

Job description

Tecno Electric is a company specialized in building Automation systems and integrated BMS systems, HVAC regulation systems, environmental comfort, lighting control and KNX home automation, security systems (Access Control, CCTV, Anti-intrusion, Smoke Detection), electrical and energy monitoring .

Features of the offer

  • Direct contract in the company for permanent position
  • Salary and classification to be assessed on the basis of the profile
  • Place: Headquarters of SanthiĆ  (Vc)